Here are a number of links to the RCTS One Lap of America Toyota Supra JZA-80GT45 running in the 2000 One Lap of America.

This first link is a big graphics page. If you have a slow connection, click on the link and go refill your drink. The pictures are worth the wait mind you. They are of JJ and I running the RCTS Supra during the 2000 One Lap of America. We ran 4th overall against the best factory backed cars and tuners in the world, to mention a few:

Mopar USA, GM USA, Lingenfelter Twin Turbo Corvette, Hennessey Venom 650 Viper, Mallet Supercharged Race Vette, RennTech 680 HP Coupe, Peter Farrel RX-7TT, Superformance Cobras, Dinan BMW, Ruff Porsche, Mosler, and others.

The Race pictures:

2000 One Lap Event Pictures
  (big files, click this one and go refill your drink, worth the wait)


Final Results
One Lap of America main web site link
One Lap full overall standings- all teams, the official final results

In car Camera Move Download link 1
In car Camera Move Download link 2

Enjoy the pull to 165 mph

Shop pictures of the HKS/TRD factory backed Supra Turbo at home Calgary four Days before Race:

Hennessey Venom Viper One Lap Web site.  All the top 5 standings, we are there

Link to picture of One Lap Supra @ the web site

Past years of competition in the One Lap of America, 1996, 1997, 1998 and1999
*1999 One Lap Event pictures (big files)
*1998 One Lap Event pictures (lots more big files, but worth the wait)
*1997 One Lap Event Photos
*1996 One Lap Event Photos

Link to page of RCTS/SONiC One Lap Engine buildup Pictures
  *1999 One Lap 2JZ-GTE Race Engine build up pictures

Some One Lap of America, race stories!

Some Race Stories from the One Lap of America!

Here is a little story from the race and some early pictures. I have many stories to tell about this race, here is one I thought some of you would like to read.

Brock Yates says it was the best racing that has ever been done in the One Lap.  It was a very close race for the top 5 cars, tight enough that at the end no one knew who was going to be exactly 1 2 3 4 5 6 or 7.  At the awards banquet Brock let the news out of the bag.

It was a fantastic feeling for me to be able to put a Toyota Supra in the top winners circle, against the best auto tuners and factory teams in the world running their fastest no rules gear.  Many of the big name teams were truly amazed by the performance of the black Toyota. The crowds of people around it at the awards banquet were proof that people wanted to know more about our Supra and what made its stock Toyota long block 3 liter turbo engine eat up the highly modified 10 + liter V8, V10, and V12ís the way it did.  :-) What did the bumper decal on the Supra really stand for "Technology is the Only Substitute for Cubic Inches" ?

This year the drop out ratio was not very bad. All the fast cars that were in the running stayed in the game to the end, with exception of the King Snake Viper that was totaled; slammed under a Semi outside the Sebring Florida border.  Thank the lord that the drivers of the borrowed Viper walked away but the radical 700+ RWHP TNT King Snake Viper was toast.

Another Story: We are very happy this year with the outcome.  Really, I'm always very happy to just complete the race with our bodies and my Supra still in one piece.

At the awards banquet this year Brock Yates gave me an award called the "Section 8 Award", read (must be crazy to run 5 times straight in same car award).  This award is given to the highest placing team that has run 5 years consecutively with the same car placing Top 10 in class each year. This year the Section 8 award was mine. I have finished all past five One Laps without any mechanical problems or missed events. It is the first time they have had this award but more will follow in future One Laps.  If you want to see the awards and our 4th place trophy I have a picture here to a picture of my Brother in-law Eric and myself back in Calgary.  Eric flew out to the last four events at the end of the One Lap and helped me drive the Supra home to Calgary.

I hope you enjoyed the shots and stories.  If your are interested in the photo process of these shots; they were taken with my Hasselblad 500CM with Zeiss: 50mm, 100mm, 250mm lenses, as well a Hasselblad SWC/M Zeiss 38mm. The film was Fuji Reala print film scanned with a Macintosh from 5x5 proof prints using a Epson Scanner. A few of the images were from Fuji Velvia slide film scanned on a Canon film scanner.

I also have a 1 hour long video from the in car camera mount that I have mounted to the roll cage.  This tape is available for 20.00 dollars shipped to your door. It has amazing footage of the Supra running at full speed at events throughout the week.


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