Spring 1994

Phase 1 of the project was finished spring 1994

My 430 hp @ the flywheel, 1982 7M-GTE Supra Turbo photo (taken October 5 1995)

Supra Owners Network in Canada (SONiC)

About my Supra:
1982 Toyota Supra Turbo with a 7M-GTE engine!
For more info on the build up project see this link Supra GTE Story Page

Some Pictures of my car, (taken between 1994 to 1996):

  • Engine Bay, side view
  • Engine Bay, front view
  • Dash Gusges
  • Boost Guage
  • Front View: Nose of car
  • Side View: Nose of car
  • A nice shot of my Supra
  • Rear View of car
  • On the Dyno, checking the real numbers!
  • More Turbos: a stock and Super-V CT26 Toyota Turbo on the bench.
  • My latest project: now old news but everyone uses this upgrade The Lexus Intake & EFI system plug in.
  • An inside look at Rom Tuning by Sonic and RCTS Canda! Check out this cool link on the software behind the HP
  • Car Show Pictures:

  • My Show Booth
  • Booth Closeup
  • My car show poster: Picture and the text
  • Supra GTE Art picture
  • Side View of Supra GTE
  • Pics from the SONIC fun run in Canada:

  • Supras Line-Up
  • Supras Line-Up with Owners

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    Reg Riemer

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