Cooling System Performance, the root cause of head gasket problems v3.1

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   Hello Supras.  In the PMTNMA70 tech note I talk about a problem with grass, leaves, dirt, straw, feathers, bugs, hair, fuzz, small birds, cig butts & packs, squirrels, garbage, etc, etc that has been sucked into the front of the radiator between the AC condenser and the Radiator air path.  It can look just like the back of a garbage truck in there.  This is a much overlooked service area! 

See this picture from July 2000, Two MA-71 MK III's in our shop at the same time for head gasket problems. Both cars have plugged rads.  Check Your Rad!


   I have told many members about this but some of them seem to think, "NOT in my super clean pampered baby" You bet.  Each and every Supra Mk 3 or 4 that I have looked at this spring was badly plugged up, or starting to become plugged in this area.     Two of the cars I looked at were starting to have some type of overheating problems, with a good head gasket and good cooling system.

   When I was working on the One Lap Car I decided to pull the rad to check it out just to see, good thing I did, garbage truck syndrome for sure.  We found that the rad was starting to get very plugged on our JZA-80 in just the same manner the MK III's cars suck it in.  When the rad was out we flushed out the coolant tanks and the rad with fresh water and found a lot of dirty sediment substance was expelled on our 1994 JZA-80

   This is a very high priority service item that the dealers and shops will not tell you to do!  Warranty will not pay them to pull the rad out to do this job; therefore you should do it!  Be sure to follow all the recommended service precautions if you remove the rad yourself.  Note: It is important to make sure you expel all the air from the cooling system before you drive the car on the open road.  See your Toyota service manuals.

   This problem could well be the final blow to any engine.  Remember if you overheat any type of engine just once that is enough to damage the head gasket  ``s or the engine itself.  The engine can not get cooled down with the front of the rad plugged with junk!  Check out your cars guys/gals.


Reg Riemer


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